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Default Re: This Just in! Vaccines STILL Do Not Cause Autism

Originally Posted by LadyShea View Post
Again, its been almost a decade with no true mandate, what rush are you talking about?
The initial one to get it mandated in as many states as possible. That was in 2006, immediately after they'd rushed the approval through FDA. A marketing strategy on the part of the vaccine patent holder. Her point seemed to me to be that Merck had to convince the public that there was some kind of health crisis which demanded a mandatory imposition of their product, but they had to first convince the 'public' that it was a problem when most of the public had never heard of HPV. Merck had to create a market 'out of thin air', as they referred to it, and then get the government to mandate their product to fill the 'demand' as some kind of necessity for public health.

It seems like a case of yelling "CANCER!" in a crowded clinic as a shakedown.

But, hey...Vaccines still do not cause autism.
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