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Default Re: All things pink and flowery, all things blue and buildable

Yeah, we try not to reinforce the stereotypes, but it gets in their heads anyway...other adults, at school, TV. It's really hard to explain to a 6 yo too.

Just today, we talked about the Civil Rights movement and segregation and racism (MLK Day Monday so no school) and the other night I was trying to expand on the "stranger danger" and Good v. Bad Touches discussion he had at school that confused the shit out of him. I was ready to kill the world for making me have to find ways to explain shit that is complicated to a young little brain that doesn't get it. So now I want to kill the world for toy shopping.

OTOH, we had a blast spending his rather large FAO Schwartz gift card the other night from the safety of our own dining room. Sorting Hat, Death Star Planetarium projector, Animal shit
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