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Default Re: Raspberry Pi discussion

It arrived today. Wow! This thing runs hot! Like too hot to keep your finger on the main chips for more than a moment. You can monitor the temperature of the processor with a built-in command - it idles at over 60 C, and when pressed quickly heats up to 80 C when it begins to throttle back its operating speed to prevent further temperature rises. Even the USB and network connectors get hot - I suppose the board's been designed so that they act as a primitive kind of heat sink.

I've ordered some cheap (one pound each) tiny five-volt fans from China, and once they arrive - probably about three weeks from now - I'll fit one to the new Pi. In the meantime it will run without a fan and without a case - and I'll be careful if I need to touch it for any reason.

It does scoot along at an impressive lick. I would be able to tolerate using it as my main computer for most tasks.
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