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Default Re: Good King Trump

It's favorability, not net favorability. His net is -14. And his net job approval is slightly worse, -16.

And it's one poll. Another recent poll found that by a margin of 49 to 42%, Americans would prefer Hillary were president instead of Trump (and a margin of 53 to 40% preferring Obama).

I suspect despite the respondents saying it wasn't the reason, Hillary losing was a big part of her numbers being so bad. Conversely, if she had won she'd probably have gotten a bump in her numbers. I'd like to believe particularly if Democrats had won the Senate and therefore she was able to appoint someone good to the Supreme Court, but I get the impression that that's not worth very much credit in the eyes of petulant leftists who would be disappointed that actually having the presidency doesn't mean you can just yell at Republicans in Congress and get what you want (it doesn't even necessarily work when they're the same party, as Trump is learning).

(Consider the difference in how Ruth Bader Ginsburg is seen compared to the man who appointed her, and how many idiots insisted Clinton would appoint someone who'd support Citizens United despite both of her husband's appointees dissenting in that case, etc.)
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