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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

I watched Anon, which is a middle-budget, mediocre, high-concept science fiction film on Netflix. Apparently, Netflix is the new dumping ground for these types of movies - and I'm a sucker for them.

Clive Owen is a detective in a world where everyone's eyesight is recorded and the government has access to your records. Amanda Seyfried is a sexy hacker who can edit your experience, both live and recorded, and her clients are getting killed. Is she the murderer? Will you care?

Pretty slow overall with bits of interesting moments and concepts. It doesn't live up to its promise, Owen is mostly sleepwalking, and Seyfried isn't given a lot to do, but she's working with what little she's given. The effects are well done, IMO. It's a realistic depiction of something like this, which was a plus.
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