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Originally Posted by erimir View Post
Right, except that "white Christmases" are essential for building snowpack on mountains that then thaws to feed rivers in the spring and summer. Warm winters mean no snowpack means not enough water later in many areas of the world.

Which is just one example of why such simplistic thinking of "Oh, I don't like the snow and slush!" is not a basis for concluding that global warming will be a boon.
No, it means that the "snow" will fall as rain, and with a warmer climate, the growing season will start earlier, which would coincide with the rain falling in the early part of the year. The planting and growing will just shift to when the rain is falling and the water is available.

Also recreation will shift from cold weather activities to warm weather activities and those who can't or won't learn to change, will be left behind, and someone else will provide the opportunity for recreation.
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