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Default Re: I'm a thread killing sumbitch.

Originally Posted by livius drusus
Originally Posted by warrenly
SHS band came in 9th out of 10 finalists. Damn. They put on a good show. This is their first year using much in the way of props. The Band Boosters Club built a house and fence rails to simulate the "Home on the Range", which was the theme. They played music from the Disney cartoon feature of the same name, finishing off with a piece that contained the theme from the Magnificent Seven, with a bit of Aaron Copeland thrown in for good measure. They did well.
That sounds great to me. I can't believe how complex these kinds of productions have to be in order to make the grade. If fence rails and houses get you 9th place, what in the hell did the Broken Arrow bastards (we hates them, yessss) do?
I don't even remember. I do remember thinking at the time of their performance, they were way better than any other band there. The point totals showed it too. The difference between 10th place and 4th place was only 8 or 9 points. Third place Mustang High School (near OKC) scored something like 6 points above 4th. Second place Union High School (another school like Broken Arrow and right next door to them, 3000 strong and recruits from out of district), with their flag corps/color guard dressed up like Vegas showgirls, scored about 8 points above Mustang. Broken Arrow scored 9 points higher than Union. They were that good. Yes, we hatesssss them, we do.

Mustang's program was cool too. They had their flag corps wearing all black with a black watchcap, like burglars. The theme was "Catch Me if You Can". The last song they played was the intro music for the movie of the same name. It was cool.

One band that didn't even make the cut to the finals, Coweta (another character in Star Wars Phantom Menace, I think) had a really good small band program that featured four Beethoven numbers. Beethoven in marching band? It worked. Beethoven's 5th wove it all together, with Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata and Pathetique thrown in. Poor Coweta, they had fewer members in their band than Broken Arrow has flaggettes (flag corps) and no props. However their sound was great and they did win their division, 3A schools, they just didn't make the finals.

Hey, incidentally, does anybody ever actually do the stuff from the musical Oklahoma in Oklahoma, or is that just too banal even for y'all?
Yea, last year one band did. They all play the song Oklahoma before football games right after The Star Spangled Banner. It is the state song after all. Less than five miles from my house is an outdoor theater, Discoveryland, that puts on the musical Oklahoma every other day all summer long, alternating with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
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