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Bitcoin's ups and downs.

Over much of 2013, Bitcoin traded for around $100/unit. Then in late November, it rose to around $1000. It then declined to around $230 by late January 2015. By the end of that year, it climbed to $400, and by the end of 2016, it climbed to $900. It then climbed up to $19,000 on December 15 of last year, and it's now at $11,000.

Just like the stock market.

Bitcoin now has numerous imitators, and many of them are modifications of Bitcoin itself. One that isn't a modification is Ethereum, and it has the feature that one can run Turing-complete programs in it: "smart contracts". One can also do that in Bitcoin, but that facility is much more limited -- and little-known. An interesting application of Ethereum smart contracts is to run a token system inside of Ethereum -- a currency inside a currency. A large number of such currencies has now been written.
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