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Default Re: Climategate 2.0

It has been broken.
When reading this graph, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

1. Cold terrain and oceans sequester C02, conversely warm terrains and oceans release C02 gas.
2. The main climate driver is the Milankovitch cycle.
3. When Milankovitch cycles drive warming, CO2 typically lags in the early warming portion, but then begins to lead. That is all natural forcings.
4. Until now, increases in CO2 that are not part of temperature driven sequestration have been rare. The Basaltic Flood was an example.
5. When Milankovitch cycles drive warming, CO2 normally overtakes temperature increase, and drives warming to produce a temperature overshoot.
6. The natural process has been over ridden by an anthropogenic process. This would be the sudden release of many gigatons of naturally sequestered carbon. See the CO2 data line at the extreme right of the graph. That is us. We put that CO2 there. We are going to find out what happens soon enough.
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