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Default Re: Climategate 2.0

Do you know what methods are used for current data collection on CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere? Do you know how it differs from the methods used to take those measurements from ice cores to make estimates for past concentrations? Could you point out why these methods might have discrepancies with one another? Could you show how these discrepancies, should they exist, would be significant enough to cast serious doubt on the conclusions drawn from these different measurements?

While none of these things is strictly necessary to say that there might be a problem, in the thinking-out-loud, I-have-no-idea-but-I-like-to-sound-important sort of way, you have stated unequivocally that there is a problem, which means you should know at least some of these things if you were being at all honest.

Will anyone here be genuinely surprised when you admit that you do not know even one of these, or more likely simply ignore this post?

I'd be willing to bet that the answer to every single question in this post is "no," especially the last one.
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