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Originally Posted by The Lone Ranger View Post
This does not follow. Life might be very common, for all we know (I'm not saying it is, by the way), but even if life is relatively common, it does not then follow that intelligent life is common at all. The best evidence we have suggests that abiogenesis probably isn't difficult on a planet similar to Earth, and there are certainly a lot of those in the Universe. But intelligent life has evolved only once in Earth's history -- suggesting that even if the Universe is teeming with life, the evolution of intelligent life is anything but inevitable.
It's certainly not common on earth. I'm not sure that there is any intelligent life on earth.

I mean, srsly, on a (very short) millennial scale, it's not looking all that likely that human 'intelligence' is all that adaptive. We're really bad at understanding long-term consequences and adapting our behaviour to long-term risks. All our intelligence might achieve is taking a lot of other species down with us.

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