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Default Re: Is this Star Wars nerd-rage worthy?

I think probably most people think two things:

1. The legacy of the original trilogy probably can't be tainted any more than what Lucas already did with the prequels and the original trilogy "special editions." Even if they're worse, it's not like it's not already sold out to hell.

2. George Lucas seemingly won't be directing them and maybe won't even be writing them, so it's unlikely that they'll suck as hard as the prequels*. There's even a chance they could be good! The best two films (imo) are The Empire Strikes Back, which was not directed or written by Lucas, and the first one, which was written and directed by Lucas, but when he was forced to work with a relatively small budget.

Apparently his problem is when you give him money he starts sucking.

So basically... can't make things worse, possibility of it actually making something worthwhile.

*for all the shit people talk about the prequels, I will say that most of the action sequences are pretty good so I will admit to enjoying them on that level, even if the dialogue is horrible and the story is mostly stupid.
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