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Default Re: Is it just me or are these dice messed up?

I was thinking about dice today. What is the chance I will roll a 1 on a single D6 if I roll it once? That seems simple enough: 1 in 6, or 16.66%.
Okay, but how do the odds change as I add more rolls or more D6?
What if I roll 2d6- what is the chance I will roll a 1?
Aren't the odds higher?
2 out of the 12 possible faces result in 1.
2:12 is 1:6 is 16.66%.
Math fail.
That doesn't seem right.
What if I roll 4D6, or 10D6? or 100D6? Seems like my odds of a 1 showing up out of the total rolls come close to 100% very quickly. Is there a calculation I should be making for each additional roll?
Any statisticians, bookies, or math-abled bodies out there?

I freely admit that my education in math extends to a pity "D" in high-school geometry along with an admonition to not return.
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