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Default Re: Is it just me or are these dice messed up?

Out of the 36 possible results of rolling two dice, there's only one way of getting a total of two spots, and only one way of getting a total of twelve spots.

The easiest number of spots to roll is seven - there are six different ways to do it. So in the long run, you will roll 7 six times as often as 2 or 12.

In some games where you're moving a counter around based on the throw of dice and you sometimes get the option to throw again or not (based on a bonus card or similar) then the knowledge of the likely totals from a pair of dice can help your strategy - remember that you're much more likely to throw middling numbers like 6, 7, or 8 than extreme numbers like 2 or 12 - and then you can look at the squares you're most likely to land on and decide whether they are good or bad...
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