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I debated starting a thread, but there's ALREADY a new thread on FF today, so I'll ask this here.

What is the precise nature of the relationship between photochromic lenses and conspiracy theories?

Photochromic lenses seem like a pretty good idea, but I've always thought they make people look like conspiracy theorists, and I have no idea why apart from simple personal observation.

So for a long time, I've looked for exceptions to prove the rule, and finally, this guy I know has photochromic lenses and he's a cool guy and I like him and all, so I was like, "OK, it's not universal, anyway," but then last night, he was mad that he got a timeout from Facebook for advancing a multi-shooter theory about Las Vegas.

Is this correlation or causation, and if it's causative, in which direction? Do conspiracy theories make you get photochromic lenses, or do photochromic lenses make you more susceptible to conspiracy theories? WHAT SECRETS ARE THE PHOTOCHROMIC LENS CABAL HIDING FROM US?
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