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Default Re: Brexit EU referendum polling stations.

It's Time for London to Leave the UK

It’s a good argument; Scotland nearly left the UK in 2014 and it seems highly likely they will hold another referendum on leaving, and this time it will pass and Scotland will stay in the EU.

Going it alone dovetails nicely with the arguments of “British Firsters” and “Make America Great Again” types. If you say that Britain ought to be able to cut itself adrift from Europe and the rest of the world, you cannot on pain of hypocrisy deny that London and Scotland should be able to cut themselves adrift from the UK.

Similarly, if you want to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and do all sorts of other deranged things, then I don’t think you can complain if the Blue States secede from the Red States and set up their own government. The U.S. has always been two separate countries, countries that were stitched together with bayonets during the Civil War. Maybe it’s time to make that split happen after all, and bid the Confederacy adieu. :wave:

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson: separated at birth?

Also, statement from Boris Johnson, LOL

Finally, it turns out that Trump, though he said he supported Brexit, actually cast blame for the result! Why would you blame someone for something you support? Shouldn’t you be giving credit instead?

And who is to blame, according to Trump?

Obama, of course!

Thanks, Obama! :wave:
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