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Default Re: Brexit EU referendum polling stations.

Originally Posted by Watser? View Post
It seems that a poll has found that 'only' 33% support a Nexit. So only one in 3 here is a stupid idiot who can't find his own ass. I have to admit that is less than I thought.
The extensive land border probably makes a significant difference there.


Originally Posted by Stephen Maturin View Post
lol Texit

Much as we might be tempted to say "Happy trails, gtfo, and never come back," I don't relish the idea of my tax money going toward the massive U.N. peacekeeping force and economic bailout package that'll be necessitated by the inevitable devolution of the Sovereign Nation of Texas into a blood-soaked Hobbesian state of nature.
While there would certainly be a lot of problems, especially for the people of Texas, especially the women and PoC of Texas, there are more upsides to this than Brexit.
  • Fewer GOP idiots in Congress
  • Basically no path to a GOP presidency without an ideological makeover
  • The US is big enough to bully them into accepting a trade deal favorable to the US. Texas won't be as able to keep racing to the bottom to attract employers from other states
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