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Default Re: I Forgive You, lisapea.

You know, I am starting to think that some of this forgiveness stuff isn't really all that sincere.

It is extremely unlikely that there is a baby doll with a rat head on it here, and if there IS one on the premises, that doesn't make it automatically mine or anything!

So if some rat headed babby shows up somewhere here, let's just get an insurance adjuster out here to decide who is the responsible party, EH? LET'S DO THAT WHY DON'T WE, MR. PEA?

And also I am not a hoarder and before other people put those things down in the basement, there was not really that much stuff in the basement, and Jody's room* was empty. IT IS NOT MY STUFF I DON'T HAVE SO MUCH STUFF AS PEOPLE SEEM TO THINK.

I have some keyboards and some telephones and scrap wood and maybe some extra fabric and whatever. And I need some more wireless routers, if anyone has any of those they're going to throw away or whatever.

But when I am not storing crap for like four different grownups who are grownups with their own houses and whatever, I have plenty of room for MY THINGS that are MY THINGS THAT ARE SO GOOD THINGS BUT MAYBE OTHER PEOPLE SOMETIMES ARE JUST TOO STUPID TO BE ABLE TO TELL THAT THEY'RE GOOD THINGS. OMG.

* We have a room in the house where Jody, the devil pig from Amityville Horror, lives. But I wasn't even keeping any other stuff in there before except for Jody, and he is invisible anyway so that isn't even anybody's business!
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