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Default Re: What the fuck, Florida?

Originally Posted by The Man View Post
It's high past time time we had a general thrad for all the idiocy my state shits out. So here we go. First of all the Florida court system has ruled that it is acceptable for officials to restrict civilians from giving food to the homeless. Luckily, in a valiant attempt to prove that not all people from this state are arseholes, Food Not Bombs have declared that they will continue to do so anyway.

Next, the Florida legislature have declared that church and state are not separate. Needless to say it's pretty clear that none of them have heard of a trivial little detail called the First Amendment, and it is completely inevitable that this will end up being fought in court, almost certainly at the taxpayers' expense.
I think my opinion on religion on this forum is pretty well known by now, but I happen to think removing the separation of church and state is a monumentally bad idea for advocates of religious freedom. I sincerely wonder of the advocates of removing that separation thought through to the consequences of such actions.

Allowing the government and church to intermingle means the government has far more control over what religion gets taught to the masses as well as influence over who gets to share what beliefs. There is a reason the writers of the Constitution took great pains to separate Church and State. Combining the two benefits no one but those who seek to manipulate one of or both institutions for their own selfish ends.

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