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Awww, quiet bear, that was smarmy, but I liked it.

Here's another touching story: We just got our dialtone back after FOUR DAYS. We have a temporary drop, which they will permanentize in 7 to 31 days. Until then: Big black cord running through the back yard. I am so going to trip on that.

Also, even though I am complaining, I have to secretly admit that I don't give any kind of a fuck about not getting phone calls.

Oh, plus: My mom is coming tomorrow, so Maturin has PUNISHED ME FROM THE KITCHEN. He is afraid I will mess up his nice cleaning job, which I totally would.

And so, anyway, I have these ridiculous volumes of work to do still, and I just have no idea how I'm going to do it all in time. But then yesterday, I was having a hard time even getting anything done until I drank a beer, and came back here and worked really fast! So I have decided that I'd better just start drinking beer in the mornings from now on so I can be one of those "high functioning alcoholics."

I had read about them before, but I never tried it for some reason.
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