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Default Re: Raspberry Pi discussion

Originally Posted by Ensign Steve View Post
Did I post this here already?

Raspberry Pi adafruit industries blog

I think I might get one of the starter kits with the breadboard.

Mine finally arrived after like a month or so of being on backorder, but they sent the wrong charger and anyway I don't have any of the keyboard or TV or anything I need, so it's just sitting in the static bag not collecting dust. I think that will be my project over the winter break. :biggrin:
If you have a Big Lots nearby, they should have at least the charger and keyboard there, usually around $5 or so. They also have them at like office stores and stuff, but they charge lol amounts of money at those places.

I was using someone's cell phone charger for mine and got it set up and stuff, but then they took it back, so mine went back in the static bag, too, until I get around to replacing it. Which I have not as yet, because I am too important and busy to go to Big Lots.
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