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Default Re: Venture Brothers

That part was funny. I am not saying it was entirely without mirth- but that it was rather long-winded and forced for the most part especially in contrast to the way season one was fast-paced and comparatively high-brow in its low-browedness. It (season one) did not seem to care if the jokes were gotten or not- the jokes were there because they belonged there. It flowed.

Then we had season two with the debacle of the wedding and the exceptionally forced lines such as "I know when to go out" which required a false-feeling set-up. And now we have a running gag
which is more like a limping gag and which was almost funny the first time, but the humour of which is eliminated by the faux-casual patter surrounding it.

It was predictable in its construction and offered no twists to make up for it.
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