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Default Re: Venture Brothers

I never figured out if there was more to Doctor Qymn (other than qymn is (yet another) an English pejorative for a woman's hoohaa). :sadcheer:

And if that's all I have to be :sadcheer: about, what a wonderful world this is, yeah?

Nobody see Now Museum, Now You Don't? Another pretty funny episode from this pretty funny season. (Nothing in my mind can approach season 1. Nothing.)

What Goes Down Must Come Up was just creepy as hell. Meaning, I loved it to pieces. Dr. Venture (the senior) was a bastard coated bastard. All's well that blows up in a shit rocket that explodes well, though.

First off, it continues the bubble bursting of the "perfect" son, Jonas Venture Jr. He seems like a money grubbing, self important butt wipe than a mutant cum industry tycoon. But still, he's more successful than Rusty.

The Lepidopterists. That is all. It's new and it's funny. Only on the Venture Brothers would you find people talking about a death ray like this:

"Wow, if that were a woman, I'd marry it."
"And I'd jeopardize our friendship by nailing your hot wife."

If you aren't watching this episode now you are dead. You have no heart. Your brain was removed. Or Kevin and Tim-tom have stabbed you. Stabbed you with their knives.

Oh, and this is the best place on the net for your VB fix, aptly named at that.
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