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Default Re: What's the frequency, Colorado?

Originally Posted by Stephen Maturin View Post
Some lunatic named James Holmes exercised his Second Amendment remedies last night during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises at a theater in Aurora, CO, killing 12 people and wounding 50 more.

Morning radio is abuzz with wisdom about how this tragedy could have been prevented if only the theater patrons had been armed. With the U.S. free-falling toward Third World status, about the only thing we could do to make things worse is to fully arm an already frightened, depressed and/or angry populace.
I heard an interview this morning and someone said the gunfire was happening in the theater and on the screen at the same time so it was confusing at first. (But it's the media and they were pulling stuff out of every orifice to get you to watch their channel.) Now take that confusion and have 100 or so armed people start shooting in the dark at gun flashes going off in the theater. If they were all armed I doubt anybody makes it out alive.

It's easier to identify who's the crazy gunman when there is only one person shooting.
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