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If you're going to ape the MCU style of creating a shared cinematic universe - and if you want to make graquillions of dollars doing it - then the movies we have aren't the ones you need. He suggests that he'd go back and rearrange how BvS was done. His ideas weren't bad. In the right hands it could be done and probably done well. I suggest you'd have to go back and rekajigger Man of Steel as well.

I went back and looked and my posted review is a lot mroe positive than I remember. I haven't revisited it since it came out. Unlike a number of the Marvel movies I don't think I've seen it more than once.

I just don't want to like a world where Jonathan Kent says he doesn't know if Clark should save a bus full of children. Or one where Martha (WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME) tells him he doesn't owe any one a damn thing. I'm sure there's a great character study where we empathize with Clark-El on what it means to be good or what doing the right thing means. But one where his most powerful influences don't reinforce doing good because you can? No thanks.

And also, yeah. There was definitely a dissonant tone across all three movies. It wasn't just the difference between WE HATE SUPERMAN or the MAYBE SUPERMAN DOESN'T BELONG HERE protestors. Visually they were different. Maybe the physical costume was different, but the palette was jarringly different - you could see the fiddly bits that might not have shown up in the grimmer looking films.
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