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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

We had a shooting last week at a bar in Tuscaloosa, which is a college town, 17 people injured (nobody killed thankfully). The shooter has a history of violence, is apparently a (whoda thunk it?) racist, and also may have committed arson at his former workplace from which he was fired for fighting. How many people outside Alabama, or maybe the SE region heard anything about it?

Now the news is dominated by the Aurora shooting. A dozen killed. It is horrible and newsworthy and I absolutely understand it needs to be covered.

My question is why the difference in coverage? I suspect it is because of Columbine, but also I can see that injured rather than killed could make a difference. I think the most pathetic and sad scenario would be if the increased coverage is due to the location being a showing of the new Batman movie.
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