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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

Originally Posted by erimir View Post
So someone I know (who works for American Atheists) was going to go on FOX Business to discuss a new poll from Pew that found that "nones" (atheist, agnostic, no affiliation, etc.) are now 19% in the US, up from 6% in 1990.

They later canceled on her saying they decided to take the story in a "different direction" (and present only one side).

This is what they went with:

What Led to the Shooting at the Aurora Movie Theater?
The preacher made a comment about Holmes being described as socially inept and that the problem was lack of socialization ...which honors science student and neuroscience program! Did the stereotype of "introverted science nerd" never cross your mind? I like how they then talked about the "social media cocoon" when Holmes didn't even have a Facebook or Twitter account according to an article I read.

And what was that yammering about the nones anyway? Are most mass murderers non religious? Was Holmes? How exactly did you make that leap, Fox?
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