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Default Re: What the fuck, Florida?

Originally Posted by California Tanker View Post
It's not about the oppression of gun owners as much about the villification of guns. That they are so non-routine that they must specifically be asked about.
So this question is objectionable because asking if there are firearms in the house might implicitly give the impression that some people don't own guns? Well, I'm afraid I have some news that might come as a shock to you....

To use your own analogy, I'd have no objection to a pediatrician asking me if I owned a swimming pool because not everyone has one. I wouldn't take it as an implication that swimming pools were somehow reprehensible things to have, and how dare I unabashedly assert that I am the owner of a swimming pool. To take a simple question from a medical professional in that light savors more than a little of paranoia.

Honestly, I support individual gun rights, and even I have to say that you're really, really reaching here.

Looking at it frankly and in the cold light of reason, how could anyone assume that a group as varied and numerous as all the doctors in Florida somehow have a united political agenda to demonize private gun ownership? That isn't even a proposition worthy of serious attention.

If it bothers you so much, you could always say "None of your business" and the doctor would have no right to force any other answer from you.

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