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Default Re: What the fuck, Florida?

at night he dresses up as a possum and brings gunless vengeance to the streets.

Do you have a problem with this answer?
Depends on whether he/she charged for the visit.

He/she's presumably an independent individual, entitled to alienate all the customers he/she wants to. As a matter of professionalism, it's a stupid reason for a family to have to go through the hassle of finding a new doctor.

What about when it is given to parents who choose not to vaccinate? The AAP also has policies on encouraging vaccination. Is that also problematic in your view?
Not really the same threshold though, is it? A vaccination decision has a direct effect on health. Refusing to answer specific questions on a non-health matter is far less critical.
It seems that even the doctors themselves can't come to an agrement on if the vaccine issue is ethical or not and that's at presumably a higher standard of importance.

Docs Turn Away Unvaccinated Patients - ABC News
According to a 2001 American Academy of Pediatrics survey, 23 percent of physicians reported that they "always" or "sometimes" tell parents they can no longer be the child's pediatrician if they won't get the proper shots

Others say the opposite because it punishes the wrong party.

Samuel Katz, MD, of Duke University, says it wasn't right to refuse seeing a child 'because it is the parent who is the problem, whereas the child merits medical care.
As this person puts it
Pediatricians refuse to treat non-vaccinating patients (Opinion)
Why then are parents not allowed to refuse their doctor's advice with regards to vaccines? It is virtually unheard of that a doctor would refuse care to a patient because he or she smokes, drinks heavily, engages in dangerous activities, or consumes a diet which could ultimately lead towards heart disease, cancer or diabetes.
Government regulation of the ethics of medical practice is not new, even though the doctors are private individuals, and generally revolves about what you cannot do.

I really, really like it when politicians try to get inbetween say a doctor, or therapist and their patient, that always works well..

Not that I know anything at all about that, as a woman and stuff.
Never had a male doctor come onto you? I'm pretty sure that's banned by the government.

is especially ironic this kind of shit is brought by the same people who think that the civil rights act of sixty four was wrong. so the real persecuted protected class is gun owners
Not that I consider the people of DU to be particularly rational, but I doubt that they would constitute the above demographic.
Doctor Gives Ocala Family Discharge Papers when they refuse to answer question - Democratic Underground

A fair few there saying the Doc's wrong.

From the local paper:
Ocala woman refused service from pediatrician for gun |

The American Association of Pediatrics urges pediatricians to ask questions of parents about gun ownership when they get children's medical histories and to suggest that parents remove guns from the home
Do they suggest that swimming pools be filled in? That's not AAP recommending safety tips for co-existance, that's recommending the removal of firearms.
(To answer the question: AAP - TIPP: Pool Safety for Children, no, they don't)
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