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Default Re: What the fuck, Florida?

Firstly, it's their lane. If you wanted to put an expert witness on the stand to testify on the pros and cons of getting a vaccine, it's probably going to be a doctor or statistician. If you want to put an expert witness on the stand to testify on the pros and cons of keeping a firearm in the house, it's more likely that you'd replace 'doctor' with 'sociologist' or 'public official.'
Public health officials, like the CDC, who maintains cause of death stats.

Death by gunshot is a public health and safety issue, agreed? Like car seats or bicycle helmets? We have laws requiring use of these public health and safety devices, but no laws requiring use of gun safety devices like trigger locks or locked cabinets.

Why is gun safety different than car safety in your opinion?
the instances of kids being shot tend to be more incidental to the other uses of the firearm.
Oh? Do you have the statistics? Specifically how many kids are shot accidentally every year, because they were playing with a gun at their own home or the home of someone else?

*"This study was unable to demonstrate a statistically significant decline in gun ownership or improvement in gun storage after a practice based intervention designed to encourage these behaviors"
So how about making safe gun storage laws? Would that be acceptable to you? Then the doctors could be first line reporters to law enforcement as with abuse.
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