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Default Re: In Which We Brag About Our Petty Accomplishments

I just finished putting down cardboard and mulch on almost the whole front yard in order to murder all the grass and weeds. For a total cost of $30.

It took a good long time, because first I had to find an arborist who had mulch to dump and pay him $30 for delivering outside his area, and then, I had to slowly accumulate cardboard boxes. I ended up getting almost all of them from the produce department at the grocery store. It was only a bit over 8 cubic yards of mulch, but like I said, I got all but a corner or the main part of the front yard. (I am leaving the shared strip between ours and the next door neighbor's yard as is. We take turns mowing that.)

I got all into keeping it at $30, so when I realized the tire was blown on the wheelbarrow, I just used a wheeled trashcan to haul the mulch.

So next spring, the plan is that I'm going to plant herbs and probably some other groundcover, so we never have to mow the front yard again.
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