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Default Re: What's up with you?

My mom is still crazy, my dad's farm was sold and I am impatiently waiting for money from sale of said farm.

Chunksmediocrites got a new jerb.

I got a new jerb. Now I have 4 jerbs, I've had 5 in the past so just starting to get twitchy not full on crazy... YET

Qingdai jr. is doing OK at school for once.

I am going to go Ingress with EnsignSteve this year!

I am also on Instagram. It's like Facebook with pictures of stuff and less irritating people from High school, you never wanted to see again anyway, who decided that you should subscribe to their beliefs, politics or updates about their new delusions that as a 50 year old you'd make a damn fine rapper in the style of Eminam (TRUE STORY)

Also hoping I get the cash to go to Boulder next month and possibly bug the hell out of Lisapea/Matlock. I HEAR THERE IS MEXICAN FOOD IN COLORADO. CAN YOU CONFIRM?
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