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Default Re: Student Loan debt

Originally Posted by lisarea
The business model you talk about, and the largely vocational narrative, just strikes me as more insidious pigeonholing, too. Kids are treating liberal arts classes like they're obstacles because schools are presenting their education to them solely in terms of concrete job benefits, and they don't understand the benefits of actually getting a liberal arts education as opposed to just having one, and that a lot of the skills you learn are more abstractly about problem solving and cultural awareness, and that those actually are lucrative skills largely because they're not just concrete, easily quantifiable 'job skills.'
And that's fine in a world where you don't have to make a living/support yourself, jump through ridiculous hoops (which FAFSA is seriously a fucked up nightmare, I tried it out. And I am great at red tape.), and factor the ability repay loans and/or come up with cash into the decision. It's expensive and time consuming, and unless that changes then whether or not it leads to a job is going to be a huge factor.

It's the difference between investing your time and money into creating marketable skills, or spending your time and money on an experience for the sake of experiencing. I am all for experience, hell it's my favoritist thing, but if I had the money and a choice I would spend it on world travel over going to school.

ETA: The term I was looking for and failing to find last night was return on investment.

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