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And now this.

Announcement of Tory/DUP deal postponed following fire in London - politics live | Politics | The Guardian

DUP sources are confirming that the Tory/DUP deal will not be announced today because of the Grenfell Tower fire. And they say that 95% of it is already agreed. But they are playing down the suggestion that the final announcement will be postponed until next week.
It's probably not because of the fire, but because the "agreement" is complete shit and doesn't exist. The fire is just a convenient excuse.

However, if it is because of the fire ... it just happens to be in the very rich Kensington area of London that just elected a Labour MP based probably on the bad treatment of the many (not rich, not white, not Christian) tenants. The fire is just one example of the things that may have led to this result.

If the Conservatives are learning to be nicer, or at least more cautious, in marginal seats, that can only be good.

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