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Default Re: You gotta be kidding me

I thought Chief Comoniwanalay'ya was of the Lackanookie tribe. And that the Allabout's were of the Ghonaherpasyphilaids tribe. Ya learn somethin new every day.
Actually, the Lackanookie tribe was a few blocks over in the slums, and the Ghonaherpasyphilaids was a clever euphemism the local tribes used for the Christian Colalition (a few historians missed the reference).

As for Chief Comoniwanalay'ya, Catalyst couldn't be more correct. In fact, after 9 months, there was such a lack of available underwear washers (well, not much of anything got done that day), the Chief called for a holiday and they rented out the Motel 8 down the street.

The Chief, although virile, didn't continue his prolific lifestyle after that fateful day, "The Day the Underwear Stank".

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