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Default What's for Dinner?

Can you guys tell I like food? I TOLE YOU I was jonesing for a whole food forum, didn't I?

Anyway, so, I think we need a "What's for Dinner?" thread.

Me first: Be bim bob! (Bibimbap, as it's more commonly and inferiorly styled.)

Except I'm going to do it with basmati rice, because I don't have sticky rice, and we just bought a huge bag of basmati.

This is the plan:

Marinate thinly sliced beef strips in a mix of black bean sauce, rooster chili sauce, sesame oil, and ginger.

Saute all the following:

Bean sprouts
The marinated beef strips, with some of the marinate

keeping them pretty separate.

Serve over the rice, with a fried egg on top, with kimchee and more rooster sauce.

I've never made it before, but the nearest place I know that has it is way out in Denver, so I guess I may as well try it.

Pray for me.
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