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Default Re: What's for Dinner?

Originally Posted by warrenly
We ended up with broiled chicken filet sammiches from Arby's.
Arby's has chicken now? How long has this been the case? I used to work for an Arby's-like fastfood place in Ann Arbor called Rax. At the time (mid-80's), Rax was widespread in Ohio and trying to expand into Michigan. They didn't last long in Ann Arbor. The funny thing is they tried everything. We started off with just roast beef sandwiches and a salad bar (IIRC) but I remember at various times having chicken, fish, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Nothing worked. I also worked at an Arby's briefly and a Taco Bell for one night.

Hmm. Guess I shouldn't post so soon after I wake up. :yawn:
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