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Default Re: Anybody know anything about the lower Danube?

Can't help you with most of the area, but I did travel from Venice (nice but touristy, avoid the busy season if you can) through Slovenia then down the Croatian coast, including Split and Dubrovnik. I loved Split, the whole "the barbarians are ravaging, let's build the town inside the old Roman emperor's palace" origin of the town is pretty cool. The Dubrovnik old city is pretty and well-restored (after being shelled in the 90s), to the point of seeming a bit theme park in the same way as Venice - but maybe that's me being a curmudgeon.

However, if I was you I'd focus on the area closer to your main base. I'm sure there's relatively unknown gems in the vicinity of Budapest.

If you do head to Venice or the Croatian coast, consider a stop in Slovenia.
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