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Default Re: Do NOT skip your yearly check-ups ...

I'm late to see this, TLR, but that only means my well-wishes are more carefully considered, matured, and reflective than the higgledy-piggledy benedictions you received upthread. So sorry to hear you've had this trouble and anxiety, and so happy to learn that you seem to be getting it sorted! It must have been really scary not knowing what was happening or why.

Your generous post is a good reminder to me not just to have a regular check-up, but to be honest with myself about my *current* health and dietary habits. When you have a long history of being active, it's easy to give yourself credit for life experience when you mentally review your state of health. But if it's been poutine for breakfast for the past six months, your body prolly doesn't much care about the mountain you biked up back in 2014.

If there's anything at all I can do, except of course for any of your grading, I hope you will not hesitate to get in touch. :highfive:
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