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Default Re: Charitable Giving

Originally Posted by Dingfod View Post
I've been dropping gold krugerrands into various charity boxes and kettles.
Besides that bit of anonymous and thus not tax deductible noblesse oblige, several percentage of my paycheck are divided between a variety of local, national, and international causes at my direction, such as A New Leaf rehab center for adults and children with developmental disabilities, the American Red Cross, the International Red Cross, Campfire Green Country (a secular scouting-like program for boys and girls), Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Youth Services of Creek County, Tulsa Boys Home, the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, Goodwill Industries, Creek County Literacy Program, Neighbor-to-Neighbor, and last but not least, the Domestic Violence Intervention Service. I also occasionally give out free movie passes and theater snack bar coupons to homeless people, and if the theaters found out, they would probably send me to North Korea.
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