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Default Re: Joss Whedon is God

I am more of a monster-of-the-week person myself, which is probably why I like the 1st and 5th seasons of Angel the best. The second season was all about the Darla/Dark Angel arc, season three was all Holtz/Connor and season four was that really annoying Cordelia/Beast/Jasmine arc. Why can't they just keep the status quo and leave the series the way the fans found and fell in love with it, in the beginning?!?
Arcs ruined the X-files, major trauma there.

I have yet to see beyond Season 3 of Buffy, although I have ordered 4 & 5, should get them next week.

I have seen the first disc of Firefly, but not further, as I watched three of the four episodes twice so I could get the commentaries too.

Looking forward to an av update. I take it it will be "normal" puppet Angel?
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