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Default Re: When you reach the age of reason, will you reject supernatural religion?

Originally Posted by Gnostic Christian Bishop View Post
Originally Posted by Florence Jellem View Post
Dear, let Flo point out that your past thread starters had titles that were so long the software could not accommodate them and so they would be broken off in mid-sentence or mid-word. This time you just seem to have made it in under the wire, which is disappointing.

Perhaps you could edit the title of the thread to add the word “utterly” and get something nice like this:

When you reach the age of reason, will you utterly reject supernatu

See how much more satisfying that is?

Just a thought from Flo.
Yes. A poor one by a dull mind.

Dear, after all, it isn't Flo who keeps writing run-on thread titles that break off in mid-word. :nope:
:sammich: :sammich: :sammich:
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