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Default Re: Drive by science

On one hand, yeah I think we've all been guessing that.
On the other, I think it takes a bit more than that to get all the way to religious fundamentalism, vs say general fundamentalism on any ol topic vs just being a dick.

The prefrontal cortex is still a bit of a mystery and we don't know as much about it as other areas of the brain. What does seem to be processed there is the ability to see and feel things from another person's point of view. It's possible the logical empathy of others emotions is worked out here as well. Like a step above mirror neurons, not just, 'they feel sad so I feel sad for them to better connect me to their emotion', but 'their partner just yelled at them and stormed off, now they are being angry at me, I understand being in similar situations and am feeling their frustration... etc.' There also seems to be a large inhibitory area there as well, so it's possible that when people say they have a thought of something but a bit of them says 'nah' that's close to the truth, and damage to that area gives rise to impulse control issues.

Or in short, people with certain prefrontal cortex damage become ridged, mean assholes. But not all people. Some with other types, especially if only on one hemisphere act just fine. Development in this region advanced quite a lot in primates and humans so research is lagging behind compared to motor areas of the brain.
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