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Default Re: The Make Something Every Week Contest

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
Originally Posted by lisarea View Post

I'd hate to have to resort to something drastic like "getting a sleep mask."
But now that you've explained that it's mostly for long bus trips, you must get a mask. A V mask. Or a zombie mask. Or a a clown mask. The possibilities are endless.

Tape over the eye holes, of course, from the inside. Perhaps attach half ping-pong ball eyes on springs. (Since this is the make something thread.)

Put a sachet of something behind the mask's mouth and a tiny hole for the effect of occasional drool. Blood, in the case of the clown.
I think the Clown mask with the sprung Ping-Pong ball eyes is the best suggestion so far. Even if you can't sleep, for all the laughter, you'll be entertaining.
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