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Default Re: The Make Something Every Week Contest

Yesterday I made the Oyster Dressing again for the club's Christmas Turkey dinner. This time I fiddled with the recipe a little. Instead of baking my own cornbread I combined a package of commercial cornbread stuffing mix and regular seasoned stuffing mix and I added a tablespoon of Worchestershire Sauce (my apologies to the poor little anchovies). Both times I left out the celery because celery is nasty stuff and serves no useful purpose other than as a vehicle for conveying peanut butter and/or cheeze whiz to one's mouth. After which one can throw away the celery as the stuff is not fit to eat. Anyway, back to the main story. The first batch I made I used Jiffy Corn Muffin mix to make the corn bread. Turns out this was too sweet for my taste. The corn stuffing mix and seasoned stuffing mix combination was much more to my taste.

I have some of the oyster dressing left so tomorrow I am going to fix oyster dressing and eggs for breakfast. Sort of a variation on corned beef hash and eggs, which is one of my favorite dishes for breakfast.
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