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Hello Ingressers. If anyone's still playing. Which is erratic at best for me.

For no good reason I have started watching "Ingress the Anime" on Netflix. Certainly not because I am lacking in other things to watch or things to do other than watching TV.

It's OK so far, kind of amusing. The title of each episode is three glyphs, such as "Begin - Danger - Message".

Lots of the usual "this is not a game" back story, and a bit of gratuitous exposition of how the gameplay works. Various people have psychic powers and these are enhanced by being under an aligned control field.

The theme song is "triangles are my favourite shape" :grin: - actually Tesselate by Alt-J.

The initial main character Sarah Coppola isn't aligned - but if she turns out be the agent prophesied to bring balance to the, um, XM I will be slightly annoyed.

Free thought! Please take one!

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