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Default Re: Personal Computing Devices

I'm not sure if all these count, but here is a list off the top of my head.
  1. Asus gaming laptop that I am using to write this
  2. Gaming Desktop that I built
  3. Flying Monkey's laptop, no idea what it is
  4. My android phone
  5. FM's amdroid phone
  6. My Android tablet
  7. FM's android tablet
  8. My Nook, not sure this really counts
  9. FM's Paperwhite
  10. My work laptop, but that is only used for work and only here a few days a week
  11. FM's old laptop that she uses for crafting machines
  12. FM's old netbook that she uses when she travels
  13. Xbox 360 that is never used anymore
  14. Nintendo Wii that is never used anymore
  15. My old laptop that shouldn't count since the hard drive has been removed.
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