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Default Re: Another Mass Shooting

I think your issue is that you're looking at this from a logical standpoint. The purpose isn't to come up with a logically consistent or coherent explanation. They're just flailing wildly for a scapegoat that isn't guns, or America's (or Florida's) lax gun laws. Blaming the FBI/local law enforcement for not enforcing laws that don't exist means attention to something other than guns, even if that something is their logical incoherence. (They're also used to people just blindly accepting their proclamations, no matter how ridiculous. They probably have no idea why it isn't working now.)

I mean, I completely agree with your critique. But these people are appealing to pure lizard-brain id. Fortunately, most of the country isn't falling for it anymore, and the Stoneman Douglas students aren't even allowing themselves to be distracted by it. Perhaps we could all learn something from them. When I'm not on my phone I'll go look for Dalia Lithwick's (IIRC) article about their strategy and why it's been working, and edit it in later.

The fact that their explanation is so logically incoherent even by their standards seems like a good sign, BTW - it means they're panicking.

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