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On my trip past June I got some pix of my hometown, Ordnance.

It was US government housing, tilt-up concrete slab walls on concrete slab foundations, built for civilian personnel and their families living just off the US Army Ordnance Depot. That was what was across Highway 30. The other way, out through the desert twenty miles or so was the Doolittle Bombing Range, used as a practice bombing range for the fighter/bombers out of McCord Airbase, up Olympia way. Most of the walls in the former town of about 150 households have been pushed down. The entire town, for a couple of decades after it was abandoned for human use, was fenced, the doors torn off the housing units and troughs installed in the yards and the town was turned into a pig farm. That was abandoned more than a decade ago.

Nowadays, just to the north, past the ultra-straight rows of the cottonwood forests, this is a common scene:

Turning around the other way, you see one of the most radioactive rivers in the world...not long after it has become irradiated. It's only about thirty miles out of Hanford Arm at this point...the Columbia River. Can you see the glow?

It ain't urban, but it sure as hell is decay. Between mustard and nerve gas, TNT, and dog knows what they use to make their air-delivered ordnance these days, and the leaking radioactive materials, my former hometown is at the center of decay...military decay.
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