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Originally Posted by lpetrich View Post
Here's my favorite:

Joe Braun Photography - The Ruins of Michigan Central Station

The building is still there, but looters and urban scribblers have run loose in it, from its basement to its roof.
It's still so beautiful. I admit I've fantasized about buying a Belle Epoque glory like that for a song and restoring it. The destruction of Detroit makes it actually conceivable for normal people to afford outlandish real estate. Unfortunately the Catch-22 of an impending ghost town is that who wants to invest in outlandish real estate in the middle of a post-apocalyptic "the man in black fled and the gunslinger followed" desert?

Though Amtrak still serves Detroit, in 1988, it moved out of that station to one north of downtown Detroit.
Bah, Amtrak. They've embraced their mediocrity altogether too thoroughly for my taste.
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